6 Dates Through Apr 24, 2020

It’s 1977 New York. People of all races, classes, and sexual identities wait behind a velvet rope to get into the wildest, hottest underground dance club in the city. A glitzy world of spinning lights and pounding disco beats awaits them inside, as well as a cast of colorful characters eager to meet a stranger on the dance floor or a lover in the shadows. Drinks are flowing, wild secrets are being shared, and things are getting dark and dangerous backstage… Light up the dance floor, be whoever you wanna be, and come back to a time when anything could happen.

Since 2015, JFI has been the pioneer in immersive story-telling in Los Angeles with seasons of sold-out original theatre entertainment, as well as high-profile studio activations and branded experiences.  With NIGHT FEVER, JFI Productions redefines and reimagines Los Angeles nightlife with a fully immersive dance club experience: a themed night-out taken to its glorious extreme. Harking back to a time when disco reigned supreme, NIGHT FEVER brings audiences right back into the 70s, replete with drugged-up starlets, sultry dance numbers, flowing cocktails, and party monster club kids. JFI invites guests to come outfitted in the fashions of the 70s, escape for a night, and live out their wildest (and darkest) fantasies on the dance floor.



-All ticket sales are final & non-refundable.
-No admission under 21. No ID; No Entry.
-“Night Fever” is not recommended for audience members who are not comfortable with walking, standing, climbing stairs, mature themes, or being in close proximity to strangers. 
- This experience may contain strong sexual content, simulated drug use, nudity and/or partial nudity, and adult themes.
-Performances and scenes will take place throughout the course of the night. We encourage you to engage, participate and PLAY!
-We reserve the right to refuse or remove guests from the show due to inappropriate behavior at any time without refund or re-admittance.
-Due to the nature of the location, “Night Fever” is not wheelchair accessible.

We remain dedicated to bringing you the best party experience possible with safety and responsibility as our top priorities. To make this possible, we have developed the following code of behavior. We welcome all who share this vision.

NIGHT FEVER is your party destination designed with fun, safety and responsibility in mind. NIGHT FEVER'S party people respect themselves and the club and want to represent nightlife and the hospitality industry in a conscious, positive way. From the way they dress to the way they interact with others, NIGHT FEVER'S party people know how to have a good time and keep the party fun while being safe and self-aware at all times. NIGHT FEVER welcomes ALL people who understand, respect and maintain this point of view and behavior.

THE QUEENSBERRY & JUST FIX IT PRODUCTIONS maintains a Zero Tolerance Policy against people who do not share these ideas and beliefs. Violence, threats, disrespect and irresponsible drinking will NOT be tolerated at all. There will be no warnings and no second chances. If you violate this Code of Conduct you will be removed from the event and NOT allowed back in the future.Please note: Early Access tickets allow for entry at 9:00pm and later. | General Admission tickets allow for entry at 10:00pm and later.