75 Dates Through Jan 21, 2024


You have been chosen, should you accept, to step into the treacherous and exciting world of competitive game play inspired by Peacock’s THE TRAITORS, the hit reality competition series returning January 12.  

The experience comes to life on the grounds of a sprawling manor, right in the heart of Los Angeles. Friends and strangers are invited to compete in a series of exhilarating games and heart-stopping missions: like racing through a scarecrow-filled corn maze, uncovering secrets in a haunted study, and dodging lasers in a fight to the finish. But watch out — one of you has been given a devious secret assignment. 

Play your role, expect the unexpected, and get ready for deceit. 

Experience an unforgettable outing with friends and other thrill-seekers…but trust no one. 

The Traitors Experience is recommended for the talkative and adventurous. During the game, your participation and interaction will be ongoing.  

The Traitors Experience takes place at a Private Manor in Arlington Heights, CA (90019). Address provided upon ticket purchase. 

Guests must be 18+ to attend The Traitors Experience. 



PRIVACY POLICY: The collection and use of personal information collected hereunder by Peacock will be governed by the NBCUniversal Privacy Policy, located at  

THE TRAITORS EXPERIENCE TERMS & CONDITIONS: Event ticket (“Ticket”) valid for entry access for one (1) attendee to The Traitors Experience (“Event”) hosted by NBCUniversal Ad Sales and Marketing LLC (“Peacock”) for the date(s), time(s), and location(s) listed on Ticket. 

ARRIVAL TIME: In order to preserve the carefully curated structure and intimate nature of the experience, Please arrive 10 minutes prior your purchased ticket time and anticipate a wait time prior to your entry. Due to the interactive and timed nature of the show, guests arriving outside this timeframe will not be admitted. NO LATE ENTRY.  

PARKING INFORMATION: Street Parking. Please respect our neighbors and neighborhood. 

CONTENT ADVISORIES: The Event is comprised of activities involving close contact with other Event attendees, walking, extended standing, climbing stairs, uneven terrain, moments of complete darkness and/or low lighting, intense sound and lighting effects (such as strobe or laser lights), fog/haze, sudden movements, and small, dark, and confined spaces.  You should not attend the Event if you have, or are prone to, the following medical and/or health conditions: claustrophobia, asthma or any other respiratory conditions, heart conditions, dizziness, seizures, high blood pressure, and/or do not feel comfortable being in close surroundings with others outside of your immediate party.   

Comfortable walking shoes and clothing for physical movement (pants, jeans, or leggings) are highly recommended.   

AGE REQUIREMENT: All attendees must be eighteen (18) years of age or older as of Event date. 

WAIVER: All participants will be required to complete a legal waiver prior to participating in the Traitors Experience 

FILM AND PHOTOGRAPHY RELEASE: Event may be filmed and photographed NBCUniversal Ad Sales and Marketing LLC (“Peacock”), NBCUniversal Media, LLC, and their affiliates (collectively, “NBCU”). By attending the Event, all attendees, agree that NBCU has the right to record and photograph them, and grant NBCU the right to use their names, avatars, sobriquets, likenesses, and voices in marketing or other content, in any and all media now known and later devised, worldwide, in perpetuity, including in advertisements and promotions. See “The Traitors Experience Ticket Agreement” for full details. 

ON-SITE RULES: Smoking is prohibited at Event. Pets are not allowed at Event except for service animals. 

TICKETS: You may purchase up to 2 tickets (one for you and one for a guest). Ticket is non-refundable. Ticket is non-transferable. Ticket may not be copied, transferred, or sold. Once you've purchased your ticket(s) for the Event, you may not reschedule to another date or time. Ticket is only valid for the person named on it; matching valid government-issued photo ID may be required upon arrival (i.e., driver’s license, passport).  

Event dates/times are subject to change, delay and cancellation without notice including for capacity, weather, and force majeure. Event details are subject to change or cancellation. 

Capacity for Event is limited; pre-registration is required and you must present your ticket(s) to Event staff at the entrance before being admitted into the Event.  

Peacock reserves the right to revoke the license granted by the Ticket, seize Ticket, refuse admission and/or remove guest(s) from Event for, without limitation, violation of these Terms and Conditions, The Traitors Experience Ticket Agreement, failure to comply with prohibitions on recording and photography, harassing or offensive conduct, use of vulgar or abusive language, failure to comply with the directions or instructions of Peacock’s representatives, failure to submit to required health screenings, biometric scans, or searches, or for any other reason whatsoever, as determined in Peacock’s sole discretion. 

COVID-19 ADVISORY + HEALTH AND SAFETY: All Event attendees must abide by all health, security, and safety requirements and all instructions provided by Peacock representatives and/or Event staff, CDC guidelines, Event venue policies, and the requirements or recommendations of federal, state, and/or local health officials including, but not limited to wearing a face covering or mask, maintaining proper hygiene, and maintaining social distancing. 

We ask that attendees not attend if any of the following is true for you or anyone in your party:   

  • Within 14 days before attending the Event you have tested positive, or been exposed to someone who has tested positive for, COVID-19;   

  • Within 48 hours prior to attending the event, you have expereince symptoms of COVID-19 (e.g., a fever of 100.4F or higher, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, chills, repeated shaking muscle pain/achiness, headache, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, nasal congestion, runny nose, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue or any other symptoms associated with COVID-19 identified by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention);  

  • Within 14 days prior to attending the event, you have traveled to any international territory identified by federal or applicable state or local governments as being subject to travel or quarantine advisories due to COVID-19.   

Health and safety rules and instructions are subject to change at any time in Peacock’s sole discretion and/or in accordance with CDC guidelines, Event venue policies, and the requirements or recommendations of federal, state, and/or local health officials. 

By attending the Event all attendees acknowledge and understand that any public location where people are present provides an elevated, inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19, and Peacock cannot guarantee that any person will not be exposed. By attending, attendees, expressly assume the risk that during participation in the Event they may be exposed to COVID-19 (as defined by the World Health Organization and any of the strains, variants, or mutations thereof), the Coronavirus that causes COVID-19, or other communicable and/or infectious diseases. Each attendee expressly agrees that they understand that these risks include contracting COVID-19 or other communicable and/or infectious diseases and the associated dangers, medical complications and physical and mental injuries, both foreseen and unforeseen, that may result from contracting COVID-19 or other communicable and/or infectious diseases and does hereby waive, discharge, hold harmless, agree not to sue, and release NBCUniversal Media, LLC, NBCUniversal Ad Sales and Marketing LLC, Peacock TV LLC, their respective parent, subsidiary, and affiliate companies, and any sponsors, exhibitors, venues, production companies, and any other entity involved in the development, administration, hosting, promotion, or implementation of Event, as well as the respective directors, officers, employees, independent contractors, agents, and assigns of all of the foregoing (collectively, the "Released Parties"), from and against any liability, illness, injury, death, loss, claims, litigation, or damage that may occur, directly or indirectly, whether caused by negligence or not, arising from, related to, or otherwise occurring at or in connection with Event (“Claims”) and assumes all risk of such Claims. Released Parties assume no responsibility and shall have no liability (including for negligence) for any such Claims, (INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, FOR PERSONAL INJURIES OR WRONGFUL DEATH) THAT MAY ARISE IN CONNECTION WITH, OR RELATE IN ANY WAY TO, EXPOSURE TO OR CONTRACTION OF A COMMUNICABLE AND/OR INFECTIOUS DISEASE, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE CORONAVIRUS THAT CAUSES COVID-19, OR COVID-19, DURING PARTICIPATION IN THE EVENT, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, THOSE CLAIMS THAT ARISE AS A RESULT OF THE NEGLIGENCE OF ANY OF THE RELEASED PARTIES. ATTENDEES FURTHER AGREE THAT THE FOREGOING RELEASE OF LIABILITY AND COVENANT NOT TO SUE EXTENDS TO AND ENCOMPASSES ANY AND ALL CLAIMS, LIABILITIES OR DEMANDS THAT RELATE IN ANY WAY TO EXPOSURE TO OR CONTRACTION OF A COMMUNICABLE OR INFECTIOUS DISEASE, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, COVID-19, BY ANY OTHER INDIVIDUAL, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THEIR MINOR CHILDREN AND/OR FAMILY MEMBERS, AS A RESULT OF ATTENDING THE EVENT OR AS A RESULT OF THEM BEING EXPOSED TO SUCH DISEASES BY AN ATTENDEE AFTER SUCH ATTENDEE’S PARTICIPATION IN THE EVENT. TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW.